If you are looking for a way to engage your audience and invite them into your story, then you need lifestyle video content. These videos show what the consumer’s life could be like if they use your product or service.


We work with WestCorp, the number one apartment building company in Las Vegas, to create lifestyle content for every apartment they build. They use these videos for social media content, ads online and on TV as well as having them play in every model on property. These videos help Westcorp increase leads and conversions. Check out this video we did for them to see more click here.


Working with Dennis Miller Homes to create lifestyle content for their business was such a great time. We wanted to create a series of lifestyle videos to showcase their beautiful homes but really the stories of those that live there. To show potential clients how they could customize their home to fit their needs. Using this video on social media, youtube, the website and in every email lead introduction they were able to see an increase in sales and here time after time again that after watching the video they knew that Dennis Miller Homes was the company for them.


We sat down to work with Red Alert to help them raise awareness about the need for their product through this lifestyle piece. We focused on showing the importance of their product and how it can help save and protect your family. They use this video on social platforms but also provided it to their distributors to play in their office to help increase sales.

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