Testimonial videos are the best way to provide credibility about your business. They take the fear out of the unknown and gives potential clients a chance to hear from someone just like them. Someone that had the same fears, questions or anything else.

Hamilton Orthodontist

We worked with Hamilton & Manuele Orthodontics to create a profile video and a couple testimonails for their social media marketing strategy. These videos have helped them increase conversion rates.


We have been working with Lean Six Sigma instructor Erik to create multiple testimonials, profile videos and informational videos… these videos have helped him to be able to increase reach, increase conversions and grow his business. We sat down with the CEO of HealthSouth to talk about how using LSS has helped his business. Check out more testimonials that we did for LSS.

Dennis Miller Homes

We worked with Dennis Hiller Homes, a custom home builder from st. george, to create a series of videos for their marketing strategies. They have seen an increase in conversion from using these videos in their email conversations, by having them on their site and running ads.