Micro Marketing: The Shift In Marketing As We Know It

Micro marketing: What is it and how do you do it.

There has been a big shift in marketing. With the rise of social media, the data gathered from these social companies and from google marketing has changed. In the past you focused on a large scale demographic, a generalized idea of who the client is. You would then create your content and publish it through magazines, tv ads and billboards.

Then social media came around and streaming sites such as HULU, Netflix and Youtube. Peoples attention shifted from traditional media to these services including social media. With this change and the date gathered by these companies some amazing things happened in the the world of marketing… you can now target very precise demographics. We call this Micro Marketing. It is creating content for a very specific demographic and creating different content for different demographics.

How is this beneficial for your business? You can now zone in and focus on creating custom content that a small group of your consumers that relates directly to them exactly… for example a single mom that has 3 kids, she makes roughly 45k year, her kids are 5, 8, 11. You can even go deeper than that based of her interests, videos she watches and sites she visit to put your ad dollars in front of her if she's your ideal client.

So now instead of spending a ton of money to send one generalized video or piece of content out into an area that hopefully your target market watches… you can target, spend less money and get better ROI by focusing on your exact clientele.

This shift is huge, but requires work from the companies that wish to profit off this change. You need to create more content, content that is relatable to them, that engages them and invites this micro group into a story. While it requires more work, when done properly, you will get amazing results. You will have happier clients that feel like you understand them, you wont be wasting money and you get higher conversion rates.

It goes without saying the best way to engage these groups with micro marketing is through video. Video will, when done well, engage the client, invite them to buy into the story and increase conversion rates.

So what do you as a business need to be doing now to make the shift to micro marketing? First things first you need to understand your consumer. You need to do research on them through conversations and surveys. Find out who they are, what they want, why they chose you over everyone else. Then break down these groups into smaller groups. As detailed as you can get to create emails, ad campaigns and messages that make it feel like you are talking directly to them, about their needs, their problems and providing them the solutions that they need. This is how you create a micro marketing campaign, by actually caring about your consumers and getting to know them on an almost individual level. 

Why is this shift important? Think about your own experience... how much do you like seeing content or commercials that you have no interest in? It becomes annoying and a turn off... but when you see something that actually relates to you, something you need you invite it into your mind and consider purchasing or using the service. Not only is the consumer's experience better but something just as important happens... you stop wasting money! You aren't wasting money showing your ads and content to people who aren't interested, you only show it to those who are... and that will increase your conversion rates and stop wasting your ad dollars. 

So yes micro marketing requires more work from you but the results are worth it. Start making changes today to how you market and break it down to micro marketing. You'll thank us later. 

What are you doing to make this shift into micro marketing we want to know. Comment below to share your thoughts.

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