Why Strategy Is More Important Than Content


Look we are a content creating company… so for us to say that strategy is more important than content should really stop you in your tracks. Why would we tell you that the strategy of the content you have is actually more important than the content you have?

When it comes to marketing it is really all about the strategy. We’ve talked about Micro Marketing in the past and creating specific content for these very specific demographics… all of that is for nothing if you don’t have the correct strategy in place to ensure your content gets seen by the right people in the right way. So you can have the best commercial in the world, meant for the right demographic but if you don’t use it properly you might as well just throw it away. You could literally be sitting on a gold mine of content if you don’t know what to do with it it is basically non existent.

So what is strategy? How do you create an effective marketing strategy before you create the content? Well thats where it gets hard, there are a lot of different methods and ways to do this. It goes back to what we always talk about, focus on the clients, where are they? What do they like to hear? What are they saying? When you focus on them and work around their needs and desires creating a strategy gets a little bit easier. It is still going to be trial an error.

One strategy you can do with content is create a long for video, post it to Facebook, Youtube and other relevant platforms… maybe this video is an hour long of you speaking about something relevant. Then pay attention to the parts that people comment on, what they say and then from there repurpose the best parts and start using those as posts and ads… from there you can gather even more info and create micro content from the already cut down pieces to then really hit home with the top parts.

Creating a comprehensive marketing strategy before creating the content is key. Once again if you don’t do this then you will not get the results you are hoping for. We have seen it happen to many clients of ours. They hire us to shoot an awesome video maybe two and then they post it once, maybe run it as an ad… they don’t use it correctly… we offer tips but they don’t follow through for a lack of knowledge of how to or a lack of time. Now our clients still get decent results but they could get even better results if they had a better plan going forward.

You can’t expect to make one video and then that changes everything for your business (unless you’re willing to put in a ton of money to make something amazing and a ton of money in ads like in the hundreds of thousands range.) So what do you need to do? Create more content based of the strategy you have in place. Repurpose the content you create and use it more effectively to help stretch your dollar and to get you better results.

This is why we finally decided here at Canico Media we are going to start offering our clients video marketing strategy along with production and content distribution. We are going to be your powerhouse marketing team to help you use your content more effectively have a clear strategy and grow.

If you need help growing your business reach out today. Remember quality of content is important but the strategy you use to distribute that content is more important.